Anna Pegova, a pioneer woman, a major initiator of the development of cosmetology. Opening new paths in cosmetology, Anna Pegova spent her whole life finding answers to the same question: "How to preserve Beauty and Youth?".








ANNA PEGOVA, Rue de la Paix, Paris

Anna Pegova: a pioneer brand in cosmetology

From the invention of peeling to today's neuro-cosmetics, ANNA PEGOVA is constantly on the cutting-edge of innovation.
Her motto: The most active ingredients, rigorous, efficacious formulation and usage pleasure for visible, durable results.

Anna Pegova was born in Russia in 1896; she left her country during the Revolution and emigrated to France in 1920. As a friend of Helena Rubinstein, she became a major industry initiator starting in the 1930's, with the boom in cosmetics. Using the most noble raw materials, she discovered innovative ingredients from which to design her cosmetics and then her beauty techniques.
She acquired international fame by creating the PLANT PEELING treatment, which has undergone numerous adaptations since and which has become a "must" in beauty care today.
World War II delayed the opening of her Paris institute, which finally opened its doors on avenue Matignon in 1947, where it enjoyed immediate success. Figures from the arts and politics were regular visitors and
Edith Piaf was one of its most loyal customers.

She then decided to explore the world, traveling to England, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, etc. Fascinated by the New World, she would devote the end of her life to working with plastic surgeons on breakthrough rejuvenation programs.
In a move back to its origins, the ANNA PEGOVA brand opened a new institute in Paris in 1991, on the corner of rues Royale and Faubourg Saint Honoré.
Upon Anna Pegova's death, her son took over the Parisian institute and began developing the brand in Brazil. After a half-century of experience in cosmetics, ANNA PEGOVA products would become the primary relay to plastic surgery and
the leader in anti-aging cosmetology in Brazil

Some years later, the independent family group that had bought the brand from Anna Pegova's son had no available team to manage local development and it decided to stop all distribution in France to focus on Brazil, where it owns 40  shops / institutes of considerable size (200 to 1800 m˛). Today, the brand is active in Asia, South America and Russia. In order to develop in Europe, it is seeking a new foothold in France, its native land, by using extremely selective distribution based on the quality of points of sale and on the professionalism of their advisory teams.